Month: September 2010

Want to know what teachers make? Listen to this …

h/t Larry Moran

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Catholic Answers Censored the Bible Wheel!

=========================================================== Update 9/28/10: For general accuracy and respect towards Catholics, I have edited this post to remove some of the unnecessarily inflammatory comments that I wrote in the heat of the moment. I was utterly shocked and dismayed to have

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Birds of a Feather – Terry Jones, Fred Phelps, and the KKK

After being chastised by nearly every authority on the planet from the Vatican to the President of the United States , “Burn the Koran” cult leader Terry Jones finally submitted to his moral and intellectual superiors (which includes all humans

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A Better Premise for the Matrix

I have always enjoyed the Matrix trilogy (definitely an all time fave), but I never have been satisfied with the premise that the machines had to use humans as “batteries” after the humans interrupted their solar power by “torching the

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