Random Road Trip Day 9 – Exploring Trinidad, CA

Slept in my van on a side street in Eureka, CA. Drove up Highway 101 to the next town for breakfast in Arcata. Then spent the day exploring Trinidad. They have a little organic coffee house that also serves up free wi-fi so I helped myself to both.

Trinidad Lighthouse

There is a beautiful path up to the top of the hill on the right that gives an excellent view of the town:

Trinidad from hilltop

The path is through a very thick and lush bushes that are about eight feet high:

Trinidad hill trail

And here is a view of the beach from the hill:

Beach view from hill

I rode my bike seven miles up the coastline to Patrick’s Point State Park which is full of cute little brown rabbits.


And here’s a pic of the ocean as I rode my bike back from Patrick’s Point State Park:


I sat for one more look at the bay before I left, and a silky black cat came by for a visit:


It was nice to see a friendly cat. It must have thought that I was missing the ten cats that live with my family –  Spark, Simon, Sasaur, Cally, Teeters,  Hankster, Buzzard, Snagger, Buster, and Alien Pod.

Now contrary to the “random” nature of my road trip, I do have a couple appointments I must meet. I need to be in Veneta (near Eugene) tomorrow for the first day of the Organ Country Fair, and then in Lacey (near Olympia) on Saturday for my brother-in-laws birthday party. So I needed to travel a bit today. I am writing this from Grants Pass, Oregon, and plan on sleeping somewhere near Eugene tonight. Along the road I saw this famous statues at the Trees of Mystery site:

Trees of Mystery

I first saw these items when I was about 7 years old when my family drove down the Oregon coast.

That’s it for today! The trip just keeps getting better.

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