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    newhere Guest

    the number 155 ?

    Could someone help me with the number 155 ... what is the meaning behind that ?

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    Quote Originally Posted by newhere View Post
    Could someone help me with the number 155 ... what is the meaning behind that ?
    Hi Newhere

    Welcome to the Forum. Hope you sign up and join in the conversations.

    The number 155 has many meanings, but I think the most important one is the reason God has awakened your awareness to it. God guides His children in many ways, and one very common way is through the repetition of numbers that are specific to the individual.....and they seem to pop up everywhere.

    My advice to you would be for you to take the time and seek out where God is leading you....maybe it was to this Forum.

    God Bless

    Never trust anything you are afraid to question ~

    To know oneself is to know the universe...

    Live Fully...Love Extravagantly...For the sake of Goodness

    Be ye therefore wise as serpents, and harmless as doves. Matt.10:16

    Come let us reason together...Isa.1:18
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    newhere Guest
    mmm ... well that is true Rose ... it was in a dream that I got this number. It is either 155 or 158. As you suggested I will dig a bit deeper. Thank you Rose.

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    Shin Guest


    John verse :15:5

    It means human in christ, touched, also it's the beginning of a wider consciousness

    119~sacrafice~36~This is my beloved~155



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