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    Patterns in the structure of Proteins

    So, we have found patterns in the table of 20 amino acids, and these patterns are similar to those discovered by Vernon Jenkins in Genesis 1.

    The amino acids combine to form proteins. There are thousands of different proteins, but they all share a chemical formula of the type -


    eg, the chemical formula for Insulin is C256 H381 N65 O79 S6

    It is therefore interesting to ask if there is any pattern in the total mass of proteins as calculated from their formulae.

    Carbon = 6
    H = 1
    N = 7
    O = 8
    S = 16

    The first step is to make a list of all the main proteins.


    Cytoskeletal proteins
    FtsZ %
    Tau (protein)

    Extracellular matrix proteins


    Plasma proteins
    Serum Amyloid P Component
    Serum albumin

    Coagulation factors
    Complement proteins C1-inhibitor

    Factor VIII
    Factor XIII
    Protein C
    Protein S
    Protein Z
    Protein Z-related protease inhibitor
    Von Willebrand Factor

    Acute phase proteins
    C-reactive protein


    Cell adhesion


    Glycophorin D

    Ion channels
    Acetylcholine receptor Muscarinic acetylcholine receptor -- these are NOT ion channels, but rather G-protein coupled receptors; see below
    Nicotinic acetylcholine receptor

    Potassium channel

    Synport / Antiport proteins
    Glucose transporter

    Hormones and growth factors
    Epidermal growth factor
    Insulin-like growth factor


    Transmembrane receptors
    G-protein-coupled receptor Rhodopsin

    Intracellular receptors
    Estrogen receptor

    DNA-binding protein

    Transcription Regulation
    CI protein %

    Transcription regulatory proteins that are receptors are in the receptors section.

    Immune system proteins
    Major histocompatibility antigens
    T cell receptor

    Nutrient storage/transport

    Chaperone proteins

    Now that we have identified some of the main proteins, we can look at the formula for each protein to see it is a significant number - just as we previously found patterns in the molecular weights of the amino acids that make up the proteins.

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    The results are very close. The total comes to 2738.016. The sums are not quite as perfect as your "two decimal place" improvement over Rakocevic's "one decimal place" approximation. The alternating sums are very close but slightly different. I find the whole thing mystifying and intriguing. The numbers are tightly integrated with the alphanumeric structure of Genesis 1. This "coincidence" - that the same numbers govern the opening verse of Genesis and the elements of DNA is exceedingly striking.
    When rounded to the nearest whole numbers, the sums of the columns are 2 x 666 and 2 x 703, whilst the sums of the upper rows are 666 + 703 as are the sums of the lower rows.

    In nature, the atomic mass is a whole number, and the decimal fractions result from the proportion of isotopes.

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    Stevens New Book shows correlation between Genetic Code Patterns and the 12 Tribes

    Dear All,

    Steven shows that the numerical values of the names of the 12 Tribes, when arranged in the form of a Star of David, reveals patterns of coincidence with the genetic code patterns discovered by Shcherbak.

    So, the Creator's signature is found in both. Perhaps this reveals God's hand in the birth of Israel, just as He gave birth to all life.

    I find it extraordinary that the "genesis" of Israel should reveal these same patterns.

    Anyway, here is Steven's book. I hope you enjoy the read.

    Steven's Book (6Mb)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Craig.Paardekooper View Post
    Dear All,

    Steven shows that the numerical values of the names of the 12 Tribes, when arranged in the form of a Star of David, reveals patterns of coincidence with the genetic code patterns discovered by Shcherbak.

    So, the Creator's signature is found in both. Perhaps this reveals God's hand in the birth of Israel, just as He gave birth to all life.

    I find it extraordinary that the "genesis" of Israel should reveal these same patterns.

    Anyway, here is Steven's book. I hope you enjoy the read.

    Steven's Book (6Mb)
    Hey there Craig,

    Thanks for the link. It looks very interesting. Does the author desire to remain anonymous? I didn't see any name attached to the book.

    All the best,

    • Skepticism is the antiseptic of the mind.
    • Remember why we debate. We have nothing to lose but the errors we hold. Who but a stubborn fool would hold to errors once they have been exposed?

    Check out my blog site

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    Words and Logic in the Genetic Code


    At first glance, the genetic code looks like one enormous string of letters, consisting of 4 symbols A, T, G, C. Infact, in the entire human genome there are approximately 55500 x 55500 letters.

    chromosome 1 247249719
    chromosome 2 242951149
    chromosome 3 199501827
    chromosome 4 191273063
    chromosome 5 180857866
    chromosome 6 170899992
    chromosome 7 158821424
    chromosome 8 146274826
    chromosome 9 140273252
    chromosome 10 135374737
    chromosome 11 134452384
    chromosome 12 132349534
    chromosome 13 114142980
    chromosome 14 106368585
    chromosome 15 100338915
    chromosome 16 88827254
    chromosome 17 78774742
    chromosome 18 76117153
    chromosome 19 63811651
    chromosome 20 62435964
    chromosome 21 46944323
    chromosome 22 49691432
    chromosome X 154913754
    chromosome Y 57772954

    Adding all the nucleotide counts for all the chromosomes we get -

    247249719 + 242951149 + 199501827 + 191273063 + 180857866 + 170899992 + 158821424 + 146274826 + 140273252 + 135374737 + 134452384 + 132349534 + 114142980 + 106368585 + 100338915 + 88827254 + 78774742 + 76117153 + 63811651 + 62435964 + 46944323 + 49691432 + 154913754 + 57772954

    = 3080419480

    3080419480 = 55500 x 55503, a close approximation to a perfect square

    It is notable that 55500 + 55500 = 73700 + 37300 because 555 is the midpoint between 737 and 373


    We know that these letters group together into triplets called codons. In the entire human genome there are 5 x 555 x 370000 Triplets.

    So the average number of triplets per amino acid = 5 x 555 x 370000 / 20 = 5 x 555 x 5 x 3700

    (This seems coincidental since the AVERAGE number of triplets per amino acid is 5 x 555 x 5 x 3700, and 55 is precisely midway, or THE AVERAGE between 37 and it's digital reflection 73)


    The triplets form 64 unique codons. So the average number of nucleotides for each codon is 3080419480/64 = 13 x 37 x 10 ^ 5.

    So we could draw the entire human genome as a checker board of 64 squares, where each square has 13 x 37 x 10 ^ 5 nucleotides.

    Just as the midpoint between 37 and 73 is 55, the midpoint between 13 and 37 is 5 x 5. Geometrically, 13, 37 and 73 form a triple star (Hexagram) with one star fitting perfectly inside the other.

    Does the Genetic Code contain clearly defined letters and "words"?

    "Imagine finding a copy of Shakespeares book written as a continuous string of letters with no spaces between words. Also imagine that it was written in a foreign language."

    Perhaps the "letter" unit is actually the amino acid. (The number of amino acids approximates to the number of letters in our alphabet. ) If so, then we should first replace the A, T, G, C symbols with the 20 symbols for the amino acids.

    I guess, at this point we would have the equivalent of "joined up words". It still looks like a continuous string of letters, because we haven't yet worked out where "words" begin and end.

    If we define a word as a string of letters that occurs together in a fixed sequence above what would be expected by chance, then it should be possible to create a computer program that can distill the "words" in DNA. Knowing the words would be useful, since it would identify every minimum meaningful unit.

    At this point we would have divided up the DNA into words. We would still not know what the words meant, but we would have made a big step forward in producing our "dictionary" of genetic words.

    Aggregations of these functional units within larger units would comprise "sentences", defined by syntax structures.


    Another way of looking at DNA would be to compare it to computer programming.
    There will be input parameters which can be of various types cf string, integer, boolean, array, datetime, etc.
    There will be operators such as =, <, >, <> etc.
    There will be loops
    There will be conditional logic structures such as "If Then" perhaps in the form of "Gates" ie logic gates
    There will be class structures containing methods, functions and properties

    Identifying "words" and "logic" within the genetic code will enable us to read it in a form that is more readily understandable. It seems that the genetic code is quite mathematical, so the pursuit of words and logic should bring results.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Craig.Paardekooper View Post
    LATEST UPDATE - August 21st 2011 (other articles by Craig)


    This section of the blog is a summary of some very interesting mathematical patterns recently discovered by scientists in the Genetic Code. In serves as a summary for the postings which follow, and is updated each time something new is discovered. The patterns are quite beautiful, and they are a fairly strong indicator of Intelligent Design. However, in addition, these patterns bear a surprising resemblance to similar patterns found encoded in the Genesis narrative.


    Previously, Vernon Jenkins, discovered a mathematical pattern encoded within the Hebrew text of the Old Testament creation narratives. His work is displayed here - -

    Here is the central pattern found encoded in Genesis 1 v 1

    I was deeply impressed by the mathematical consistency of the patterns that Vernon discovered and I studied his work from the year 2000 onwards, ie for about 6 years, contributing insights now and then. One of the things I discovered early on was the occurence of the ratio 1: 1.2732, the ratio for a squared circle. This led Vernon to the discovery of pi in Genesis 1. See This, inturn, led Peter Bluer to the discovery of e in Genesis 1 also.

    Putting the Pieces Together

    The patterns that Vernon discovered in Genesis were very clear and strong. Intuitively I felt that these patterns were unlikely to be the product of chance; rather, they seemed the product of intelligent thought. I surmised that if God had encoded the patterns in the creation narrative, then perhaps the same patterns would be found in the things that God created - ie in the living things He made.

    It didn't take me long before I began looking at genetics. In our generation we have become familiar with the genetic code as THE repository of all the information and instructions necessary for life, so my attention turned to the genetic code to see if Vernon's patterns were found there.

    Initially I sent out an email to Vernon, Iain Strachnan and Richard McGough asking them if they were aware of any occurrence of Vernon's patterns in the newly published human genome. Nothing came to light, and for a few months I allowed my thoughts about the subject to gather dust.

    Then, as 2006 drew to an end, I decided to look at the current research of scientists from around the world. I soon discovered that over the last decade many scientists have begun* exploring the mathematical patterns found within DNA.

    Vernon's pattern was intriguing. It served as a guide telling me where to look, and what to keep my eyes open for. As I studied the research, Vernon's patterns served as a kind of "treasure map" suggesting what I might find, and where to probe deeper....


    January 2007 : In January 2007,* I came across the work of Shcherbak, a mathematician and geneticist. Shcherbak had written several papers on a curious mathematical pattern that he had found in the genetic code. I obtained his papers at the British Library, and made a careful study of them - and produced a simplified booklet that I published online. What was quite surprising was the resemblance between Shcherbak's genetic patterns and those found by Vernon in the creation narratives. I remember the moment I saw the similarity - I was so struck that I forgot to breath. Time seemed to freeze. For several days I was completely stunned - in a state resembling shock and euphoria. I knew that this was going to have an impact. Our world views would be changed forever.

    I have summarised Shcherbak’s work in a booklet found here. See "Genetic Patterns"

    February 2007 : In February 2007 I created a website where I gathered a bibliography of current research on mathematical patterns within the genetic code - found here -

    I sent this information to Vernon Jenkins, Richard McGough and Iain Strachnan. Vernon has since independently investigated and peer reviewed Shcherbak's findings. He has confirmed these resemblances and has created his own web page where the findings are clearly depicted -

    Then Peter Bluer, a friend of Vernon's, wrote about these findings in his online pdf here, adding some discoveries of his own -

    February 2010 : Three years passed by, then in February 2010, prompted by Steve Coneglan to carry on the genetics research, I made a careful study of the work of another geneticist - M. M. Rakocevic. The resemblances between Rakocevic's genetic patterns and those in the creation narratives are astounding. Here is an example -

    The diagram above shows the 20 amino acids that are the building blocks for ALL living creatures on our planet. The figure next to each amino acid is it's accepted molecular mass (relative to Carbon 12) as can be found on Wikipedia or in any accurate biochemistry manual.

    These findings have been submitted to Vernon Jenkins, Steve Coneglan, Richard McGough and Peter Bluer. Steve Coneglan has peer reviewed Rakocevic's work and confirmed the accuracy of these startling patterns.

    Peter Bluer has also reviewed these findings and independently confirmed the accuracy of the numbers. He has confirmed both the vertical and horizontal symmetry found in the amino acid table, and has proceeded to find some new patterns where by the amino acid table divides symmetrically into 3 x 666 and 703 + 37. He found these new patterns by moving one column whilst still preserving all the original patterns.

    You can view his patterns here -

    Vernon Jenkins is intending to publish these new findings on his website at Here is Vernon's web page -

    Vernon's new web page on Rakocevic's pattern

    Apart from the horizontal AND vertical symmetry, incredible in itself, the occurrence of both of the key numbers from Vernon's pattern, 666 and 703, is immediately obvious. The result is quite stunning.

    December 2010 : Most recently, in early December 2010, I became aware of the extraordinary research of Jean Claude Perez, a french geneticist and mathematician. This very year he published a very interesting discovery that shows some very remarkable symmetries within the genetic code. These symmetries are perfect balances in the frequency of occurrence of the 64 codons within the human genome. I found this article quite helpful -

    You can read Perez's paper here -

    I have carefully studied his paper, and his findings are truely accurate and remarkable. Not only are perfect symmetries revealed, but also these symmetries are based on the ratios 1 and phi (the Golden Ratio). I would highly recommend reading and making a copy of his paper.

    February 2011 : In February 2011 I took a closer look at the pattern discovered by Rakocevic. Closer analysis revealed a new set of patterns shown in the diagram below.

    We can see the developing pattern.

    The outer columns = 2 x 666 + 2 x 37

    The inner columns = 2 x 703 - 2 x 37

    The odd columns = 2 x 703 - 2 x 73

    The even columns = 2 x 666 + 2 x 73

    February 13th 2011 : On February 13th Steve Coneglan, using more accurate figures for the mass of each amino acid, was able to confirm that my observations were correct PRECISELY. Here are his equations (C1 + column 1, C2 = Column 2, C3 = Column 3, C4 = Column 4)

    C2 + C3 = 828.87 + 503.50 = 1332.37 = (2 x 703) - (2 x 37) + 0.37
    C1 + C4 = 755.77 + 649.86 = 1405.63 = (2 x 666) + (2 x 37) - 0.37

    C1 + C3 = 755.77 + 503.50 = 1259.27 = (2 x 703) - (2 x 73) - 0.73
    C2 + C4 = 828.87 + 649.86 = 1478.73 = (2 x 666) + (2 x 73) + 0.73

    February 25th 2011 : I published my paper on Rakocevic's patterns here - The Creation of the Genetic Code

    March 4th 2011 : I received a copy of a paper written by Stephen Coneglan. Stephen had taken a deeper look at Rakocevic's table and had rearranged the amino acids by their chemical properties so that they are symmetrically placed. When Stephen did this he found that the numerical pattern that emerged possessed precise symmetry both vertically and horizontally.

    Here is a link to his paper - Stephens Paper

    March 12th 2011 : Stephen sent to me an updated version of his paper that includes much new material in the appendices. Here is the updated version -
    Updated Version

    In this paper Stephen demonstrates that when the amino acids are arranged symmetrically according to several of their chemical properties, then a very precise numerical symmetry emerges. On 13th March I shall email these results to Shcherbak, Perez and Rakocevic, since their feedback would be invaluable.

    March 19th 2011 : I submitted two papers to Shcherbak for review - The Creation of the Genetic Code and Updated Version.

    Here is the response we received from Shcherbak -

    July 9th 2011 : Steve Coneglan forwarded to me his latest revision of his work on the amino acids. It is now a 63 page booklet.

    A New Table of the Amino Acids


    The genetic code is highly ordered, and embodies many features that indicate intelligent design from a functional perspective. The symmetry of the mathematical patterns found in the genetic code are just another indication, albeit a very precise and powerful one. There is no proof stronger than mathematical proof.

    According to Shcherbak, arithmetic found in the genetic code seems to have preceded life itself. To quote Shcherbak -

    And where could arithmetic come from other than an intelligence.

    But where does an intelligence come from with the capacity to create something as complex as life? The similarity with the "signature" pattern found in Genesis 1 may provide an answer.

    (Note: It seems that in our universe there is more than just matter - there is consciousness too, which cannot be reduced to matter. So consciousness must always have been present, together with matter - from the very beginning. Consciousness has the capacity to create.)

    (other articles by Craig)

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    Apologis from blunderbus

    Sorry about that . I made such a mess of trying to respond to craig. this is what I meant to do.

    Hello Craig
    It is obvious that you are well informed . I would like to ask you a question but before I do , I would like to clear the deck so that you can see where I am. Some time ago on this forum I expressed the notion that The consideration of D.N.A. Will force any thinking person to the conclusion that GOD IS. And that the Darwin theory of evolution by the ( accidental) selection of the species is poppycock. The response was abysmal. It went something like this; ' The jury is still out on the subject of D.N.A. ' Implicit in that statement is the fact that any knowledge extrapolated from observation of D.N.A. Or any conclusion reached will be dismissed out of hand because it does not support the dozy Darwin theory..I know that you are fully aware of what I am abou to say but I will say it for the sake of clarity. At first glance D.N.A. Looks like a bit of slime with nothing to disinguish it from any other slime. On closer examination it is seen to be extraordinary. It has unexpected proprties. It is not a living organism and yet it is capable of self replication. When it is examined minutely it is seen to have a structure which is nothing short of miraculous. One atom of phosphorous is attached to a molecule of sugar : Stuck to that is another sugar like molecule ( for the sake of clarity called a base) Oposite that is a mirror image ; Phosphorous sugar , Base======Ah , but wait a minute . The base is different. The base 'thymine'pairs up with adanine. Cytocine with guanine. These pairings might be thought of as letters and the groupings as words and the words as an instruction code. Bear in mind that this is all happening on an infinitesimally small chemical scale. Idiots and morons will aver that all this happened by accident.. They have a problem. Left to its own devices, this slime would be going nowhere. As long as there were nutrrients to support its production and there would be a sea of slime. Now at the same time another miracle happened . Same pattern exept that the base uracil is present instead of thymine and ribose is the sugar.. D.N.A. And R.N.A remind me of Jehovah and the Holy spirit. They are the same and yet different, seperate and yet inseperable. Independent and yet dependant on each other for existence. RNA enables D.N.A to function. They are both very clearly seen to be determinate,directional, purposeful and planned. That is an inecapable conclusion.
    Now Craig , I would like to know if anybody has found any sort of code in R.N.A. And if so ,how does it differ from D.N.A. ? Does it have a similar geometric structure.?

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    Code in RNA

    Hi Alec,

    RNA is a copy of DNA , and the codons in RNA code for the same amino acids as do the codons in DNA, so the same mathematical patterns apply to RNA also.

    The process of translation from DNA to RNA to protein seems to be a case of irreducible complexity, because the whole process would be useless without all the stages in place from the start.

    1. DNA is read and a string of RNA is produced
    2. RNA travels outside the nucleus
    3. Outside the nucleus there is a pool of amino acid molecules, each with a codon triplet attached
    4. Outside the nucleus there is a factory (ribosome) where the codon triplet on the amino acid molecules is matched to the codon triplet on the RNA

    If any of these steps is absent then a cell cannot copy itself even once.

    Also, the translation from DNA to RNA to protein is universal - all living things use this process - from the simplest to the most complex. So this process must have existed from the very beginning. If we were looking at Cambrian life, they would all be copying their cells using this process.

    I hope this helps.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Craig.Paardekooper View Post

    I was deeply impressed by the mathematical consistency of the patterns that Vernon discovered and I studied his work from the year 2000 onwards, ie for about 6 years, contributing insights now and then.
    Sadly Vernon stopped communicating with me once he realized I took his work merged it with mine and then used the results to show Christianity is not so unique...that it can and should be compared to other beLIEfs.

    Actually I feel this is the only way to see the bigger picture that embraces all beLIEfs.
    There is nothing wrong with comparing beLIEfs if your intent is to go looking for the common denominators that unify.

    Comparing and defending one stream of thought or narrative that serves primarily one CULTure is the fool's game we have been playing for the past 2000+ years.

    Quote Originally Posted by Craig.Paardekooper View Post

    Putting the Pieces Together

    The patterns that Vernon discovered in Genesis were very clear and strong. Intuitively I felt that these patterns were unlikely to be the product of chance; rather, they seemed the product of intelligent thought. I surmised that if God had encoded the patterns in the creation narrative, then perhaps the same patterns would be found in the things that God created - ie in the living things He made.

    December 2010 : Most recently, in early December 2010, I became aware of the extraordinary research of Jean Claude Perez, a french geneticist and mathematician. This very year he published a very interesting discovery that shows some very remarkable symmetries within the genetic code. These symmetries are perfect balances in the frequency of occurrence of the 64 codons within the human genome. I found this article quite helpful -
    Pattern recognition and making predictions is important whether you are an astrologer, astronomer, physicist or a truth seeker.

    Craig I have not been able to read all the pages in this thread yet, but have you made this statement anywhere in its content based on recognizing the patterns?

    I contend that DNA = the Philosopher's Stone, what Carl Jung called the quinta essentia, the Holy Grail, a.k.a. secrets you would put into the Holy of HoLIEs/the Ark for safe keeping because those 64 codes or codons affect ALL LIfE on earth, not just "we the sheeple...."

    Here are profound connections helping to connect some experts to other experts in other fields of interest that lie outside their expertise.
    Maybe it is time the left hand knew what the right hand was doing?

    DNA – Mayan’s AINTIRAM – NaSSim Haramein – Tesseract – Hypercube

    DNA CODE – the KEYHOLE + the KEYS



    Name:  1lz1R.jpg
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    Language within the Genetic Code

    DNA as a word

    We know that the sequence of DNA bases (A, T, C or G) produces an amino acid sequence. There is nothing intrinsic to the chemical or physical characteristics of the base sequence that necessarily produces an amino acid sequence. Rather the base sequence requires a code to translate into the amino acid sequence.

    The genetic code is the process by which DNA is "read" - the process of "translation" that converts what would otherwise be a meaningless symbol into a meaningful action - the addition of an amino acid.


    DNA ----------------> Genetic Code -----------------> Amino Acid

    just as a mark on a piece of paper is interpreted as a letter in our spoken languages

    (mark) -------------> Translation -------------------->Letter

    So the Genetic Code can be thought of as a mechanism for "reading" DNA - in other words for converting meaningless marks into "words"

    Intriguing Symmetry Within the Code

    In my past posts, we have seen how the Genetic Code has an intriguing symmetry based around 666 and 703. I refer to the work of Rakocevic in particular. When the 20 amino acids are arranged in a 5 rows each of 4 amino acids, then we saw how the molecular masses of amino acids in two central columns sum to 2 x 666, and the two outer columns sum to 2 x 703. We also saw how the top 2 rows + half the central row sum to 666 + 703, and how the bottom two rows + half the central row also sum to 666 + 703.

    This intriguing symmetry seems to revolve around the number 37, since 703 - 666 = 37 and 703 + 666 = 37 x 37

    Speaker of the Word

    So who is the speaker of these "words"? We have seen in point 1 above that the Genetic Code is a translation or reading mechanism similar to how we read marks as letters, but who spoke these letters or words? Point 2 above sheds a further interesting light upon this. Perhaps the speaker of the words is signified by the number 37, just as Logos or The Word has a gematria of 373, and just as Genesis 1 has a gematria of 37 x 73.

    Comments Within the Genetic Code

    Computer programs written by people contain areas of code to make a software program work. These code areas have a function in producing a physical result. However, in computer programs you also have "commented areas". Commented areas are notes and comments written into a program that tell the programmer what the functional code areas do. They might also tell us other information such as who made the software, and how to use the software for our benefit.

    Similarly, in DNA there are "coding regions" that code for the production of amino acids, and there are also vast regions that DO NOT code for the production of amino acids. infact only 2% of DNA actually codes for the production of proteins (sequence of amino acids = protein)

    So what is the other 98% of DNA coding for?

    Initially, this mysterious 98% was referred to by scientists as "junk DNA" because they did not know what it did. Nowadays, it is simply referred to as non-coding. Infact the technical terms are -

    coding region = Exon
    non-coding region = Intron

    So what is going on in the intron regions?

    Given that the genetic code is very probably the product of an intelligence ( or intelligences, since the Bible uses the PLURAL "Elohim"), it is quite possible that the introns contain areas of "language" whose purpose is to provide a description and commentary on how the genetic code actually works and how we can use the code - a kind of instruction manual. This might sound far-fetched and fantastical, but it is well within the realms of possibility, considering what we already know in terms of the intelligent design and patterning of the code around 666 and 703.

    So we can afford to speculate upon a rather odd question - "how could you represent Genesis 1 v 1 in DNA bases?". Lets see.

    A Second Genetic Code

    We know that IN THE CODING REGIONS, the 64 codons map onto 20 amino acids, BUT IN THE NON-CODING REGIONS THIS NEED NOT BE THE CASE AT ALL.

    In the non-coding regions a different mapping could apply, so that the 64 codons could map on to the letters of a spoken alphabet, with the same level of redundancy as was found in the coding regions. For example, there are 22 letters in the Hebrew alphabet, and there are 64 possible codons - (each codon being a triplet of 3 bases). Each codon would map onto a single Hebrew letter, and a single Hebrew letter could be represented by more than one codon (this is referred to as redundancy).

    This would constitute a Second Genetic Code.

    First Genetic Code : Codon ---------------> Aminoacid

    Second Genetic Code : Codon -------------> Letter

    How Can We Test for a Second Genetic Code?

    Well, if the codons mapped onto the letters of a spoken language, then we would expect that the frequency of occurrence of the codons would match the frequency of occurrence of the letters in that spoken language. In the English language, for example, the vowels occur more frequently than the consonants, and infact each letter of our alphabet has a specific frequency.

    NON-CODING AREAS : Similarly, if the non-coding part of DNA maps onto a spoken alphabet, then we would expect the codons within non-coding regions to occur with frequences that correlated with the frequencies of letters within the spoken language.

    • "Linguistic Areas" : Codon frequency = Letter Frequency in Spoken Language

    CODING AREAS : However, coding regions cannot contain linguistic structures because they are constrained by the the functions they perform. In a coding region, the code usually starts with a START SIGNAL. This start signal is usually the codon ATG that represents Methionine. Coding regions usually end with a STOP signal - which is usually the codons TAA or TAG. Consequently the frequencies of each codon in a coding region will be very different from the frequencies in a non-coding region.

    • Coding Areas : Codon frequency Not equal to (<>) Letter Frequency in Spoken Language

    A Testable Hypothesis
    I therefore propose a hypothesis.

    1. That the frequencies of occurrence of codons within coding regions will be significantly different from the frequencies of occurrence of codons within non-coding regions, and

    2. That within the non-coding regions there will be areas where the frequencies of occurrence of codons will correlate with the frequencies of occurrence of the letters within a spoken language - let us say.......Hebrew perhaps.

    Both of these hypothesi are testable.

    Method of Testing

    Using the Perl programming language, it is fairly straight forward to compare coding and non-coding regions to see if these hypothesi hold.

    The Next Step

    If we do find regions where codon frequency differs markedly from the frequency in coding areas, then we may be looking at a "linguistic" area. Then the next step would be to match specific letter to codon, just as was done with matching amino acid to codon. That would constitute the Second Genetic Code.

    This could, perhaps open up the Book of Life to us.

    What Might be Found?

    A provident Creator might likely place their signature phrase within the code sequence at some point. It would stand as a signature and statement as to who our Maker is. We have seen, from the work of Vernon Jenkins, Steven, and Richard McGough, that a phrase, found in Geness 1 v 1 has already been encoded in the Bible so that it embodies remarkable mathematical patterns.

    So I would do a simple search for those codons matching the letters in this phrase -

    "In the Beginning God Created the Heavens and the Earth"

    Infact, once we know what letters match with each codon, then we could simply search the entire genetic code for the consecutive appearance of words from that spoken language. This would reveal all the "commented" areas in one swoop - whole passages - perhaps informing us of some new and remarkable things.

    So there you have it. A testable hypothesis.
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