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    Quote Originally Posted by culi26 View Post
    I said to the Jewish guy, not to you, because you gave him the word from the beginning!

    What I think that that is my problem, because i do not see religion like you!

    But this guy called Christians and Muslims stupid etc, and in the end he uses well that's Jewish stereotype.

    This word WELL is doubtful.

    Maybe i get it wrong, but.....!

    I apologize for misunderstanding!
    As a Gnostic Christian, I too have my own way of looking at religion.

    How do you see religion and what do you think of what this bishop has to say?


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    Quote Originally Posted by Greatest I am View Post
    Thanks for this.

    If people are wicked, then those who believe in a creator God must believe he made them that way.
    As with Esau, they would have to see God hating them even in the womb.

    Christians believe that God has a plan that was formulated before creation.
    That would mean that all that is was predestined and none of us can help being what he created us to be.
    That would include Judas and all the other characters of the bible. That may be why some of the old apologists did not believe that we actually have a free will.
    That's what the facts look like when they are not shrouded in philopholistical rhetoric.

    And yes, Reformed Christians (Calvinists) deny free will though some of them deny they deny it but that's just more philophological mumbo-jumbo.

    Quote Originally Posted by Greatest I am View Post
    Let me give you this for your files and on the notions of Jews and their messiah.

    Your "crazed rapturists." is bang on.
    They show how deep hate can go in a human heart in those who follow a genocidal maniac.

    Thanks for the info. I'll check it out as time allows.
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