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    Smile NYC City Schools BAN words of God and the word DANCING

    Fox News have reported on the fact that NYC schools in the USA have been instructed to ban words like 'Birthday', 'Dancing', 'Dinosaur'. Now in 2008, God said that the 'USA is a dinosaur', as such NYC education department are standing against the words of God. Other words that they have banned are 'slavery', 'terrorism'. *These words appear in the bible; as such the education department is standing against the bible as well.*

    Fox*News*state*that*the*Liberal Democrats are creating 'gaps' in education. Well they're doing a lot more than that, they are removing what is important for children to understand. Creation evolves and evolution creates. One cannot pander to every different ideology and make changes to suit them. Like the West are doing for Islam on an on-going basis.

    However, I am aware that the bible predicts a new language, but it will not be the kind of language that adult Lib Dems use. Nor will it be Arabic.

    It really is time for Christians to consider the vast implications of what is going on globally and how that is impacting on Christians and their future. The past creates the present and the present creates the future. The decisions that Christians make now will be long-ranging with vast implications. They have a choice to allow their demise to be enforced gradually, or to arise to align their will with the will of the LORD God.*

    Can you even imagine a Western land where there are no Church bells, no white weddings, no Christenings, no Church funerals? If you would like to discuss 'Is there a future for Christianity and what form will it take in private?' Please do not hesitate to PM me for my skype address. Every individual can have an impact on the future in the present.

    To see the televised news of it please see the Breitbart Media link.

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