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    Putting the Pieces Together With July 7 & Multiple Dates/Yrs.

    Putting the Pieces Together With July 7 & Multiple Dates/Yrs.

    The Calendar Study and all the parallel cycles, patterns and start dates
    for major biblical events fit together without one out of sync with the other,
    thereby confirming the actual record as given in the study as mere coinci-
    dence or the realization of it being factual - those are the choices. You

    Starting with the flood in the years 1656 on the 360 day calendar and
    moving forward to present time reads as a storyline as well as a
    timeline. The following will demonstrate and hopefully confirm the reality
    to where we are in God's Timeline.

    From 1656 (Flood) to the birth of Abraham is the yr. 2008 + 75 yrs. to the
    death of Terah, Abraham's father, + 7 yrs. to the start of the 430 yr. Egyptian
    Captivity is the yr. 2090 - (1656 + 434 = 2090) .

    2090 + 30 yrs. = 2120 which is when the 400 yrs. given in scripture begins -
    this is the day when Abraham offers Issac as a sacrifice - when God in His
    grace and mercy provides the ram instead.

    2120 + 400 = 2520 which is the yr. for the Exodus and the beginning of the
    Nation of Israel towards their promise land - and end of 430 yrs. from 2090.

    So far we have the years for the Flood, Abraham's birth; death of his father
    Terah; 12 yrs. after birth of Issac to when God provides the sacrificial ram;
    and finally the beginning of the Exodus = 2520 yrs.

    In the "Moses; Mt. Sinai; Judgement and the Babylonian Captivity" study
    is where we first discover the July 7 date. The last time Moses went up
    on the mountain to talk with God was to offer himself:

    "Exodus 32:31-32 - "So Moses went back to the Lord and said "Oh, what a great
    sin these people have committed! They have made themselves gods of gold.
    But now, please forgive their sin -- but if not, then blot me out of the book you
    have written."

    To which God replied:

    Exodus 32:33- 34 - "The Lord replied to Moses, "Whoever has sinned against
    me I will blot out of my book. Now go, lead the people to the place i spoke of,
    and my angel will go before you. HOWEVER, WHEN THE TIME COMES

    Those words were spoken by God on July 7 (see Moses; Mt. Sinai; Judgement
    and the Babylonian Captivity study).

    Then what followed was the discovery that 1130 years later the 3rd Deportation
    of the Babylonian Captivity began on July 7, 3650. Amazing!

    Now I've just discovered another July 7 date relevant to our present end times.
    This discovery takes us to another study - "Another 2300 Day Study - & The
    Shemitah Yr. - Revised w/new Information - AMAZING!"

    The purpose of that study was to determine what the calendar date would be
    when subtracting 2300 days from the beginning of the Tribulation which I have
    determined to be (possibly) Sept. 10, 6288.5 on the 360/day calendar and would
    correspond to our April 20, 6198.1 (our 2015.1). So, going back 2300 days from
    September 10, 6288 (6288.5 or 2044.5) brought us to July 7, 6282.3..............

    Sept. 10/11, 6288.5 (2044.5) ) minus 6.2 = July 6/7, 6282.3 (2038.2) our 2009 with
    75 days of the 2300 remaining.

    When subtracting 2300 days from April 20, 6198.1 (our 2015.1) takes us to March
    17/18, 6192 (2009).

    From the end of the BABYLONIAN CAPTIVITY to when the Tribulation begins is:
    6288.5 - 3720.3 = 2568.2 = beginning of the 7/yr. rest/Jubilees, etc. for the Nation
    of Israel. Recall that the 2568.2 date is when Israel's first cycle of 7 years
    and Jubilee cycles begins.

    The September 10/11 date corresponds to the DAY OF ATONEMENT (Lev.
    23:27) and also the date of JESUS BIRTH in the Calendar Study.

    What we have as a result of the July 7 date is: Mt. Sinai; Moses; Judgment;
    Babylonian Captivity; our 1967 date * (3720 + 2520 = 6240 - our 1967 yr) the
    2300 days; The Shemitah Year; the Rapture date (possibility); the Tribulation
    date (possibility) and finally the 75 day of Daniel.

    Upon speculation of when the Rapture might occur, I have posted the March
    14/15 date (Jesus' Crucifixion). Now, however, with the March 17/18 date as
    shown above, I'm considering this date as a good possibility. In any event
    be looking up.

    All the dates and cycles fit together and I wonder if these are the pieces that
    determine what we've all been waiting for - the Rapture and Tribulation.

    Is all this just coincidence? You decide.


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