Imagine the Bible Wheel as an image of the implicate order of the Bible found in Genesis, with the explicate order being manifested/expressed as the whole Bible. The whole of the Bible finds its origins in Genesis, thus Genesis contains the implicate pattern from which every other book in the Bible has unfolded out of, and bears witness to.

The implicate order contained in an object such as a seed, finds its expression when the full potential of the seed is manifest in it’s explicate form as a plant, whose structure is first hidden in the implicate order of the seed. In the same manner the explicate form of Genesis is seen in the manifestation of the whole Bible, which sprang from the implicate order of Genesis.

This concept of implicate/explicate order might begin to explain how the Bible Wheel came to be and why it manifests a pattern that appears to have been designed from the top-down by a creator, instead of from the bottom-up by emergence and evolving. I propose that since the Bible began with Genesis and every book subsequent to it was built upon that foundation, the template for the content of those books began with the order of Genesis. With that in mind one can begin to see how the pattern for the rest of the Bible is contained in Genesis, thus being it’s implicate order. As each book following Genesis unfolded out of it, it became inextricably connected to it, yet still having its own unique form and content. Much like genetics where the child is connected to their parents by genes and emerges out of the mother, yet they are individuals with personalities and characteristics unique to themselves…anything that emerges out of a whole, remains part of the whole while also becoming an individual. Each book that emerged out of Genesis contains its own individual content, yet also remains consistent with the structure of its parent, this manner the whole of the Bible is made up of parts that are connected. This is just the beginning of my exploration into the origins of the Bible Wheel.