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    Angels and Wilderness Settlement

    I'm fascinated by the three verses of Exodus 14:19-21, each one 72 letters, then 216 in all. They're about the Angel of the Lord that helps the Hebrews to cross the Red Sea. This angel is not named, but later identified with Michael.
    These 3 verses, read in boustrophedon, give 72 3-letter words that receive then endings in -el or -iah to form 72 names of angels.
    As far as I know, the first mention of this is in Sefer Bahir (12th Century), 107-108, in which it is related to the two sefirot 'Hesed and Gevura, gematrias 72 and 216, personified by the angels Michael and Gabriel.
    Most of the 72 names don't mean anything, except the 42nd, MYK-AL, the exact name Michael who is supposed to be the Angel of the Lord, and the 50th, DNY-AL, the exact name of the prophet Daniel in whom book is named Michael, the only angel named in the OT (Dan 12:13:21).

    The 216 letters of the 3 verses rearranged into the 72 sets of 3 letters are first given in the Zohar, strangely on page 216 (or 108b) of the printed reference edition. I show the page on my French site.
    About these 216 letters the Zohar says it's the biggest mystery of the Tora, and I just realized a few days ago that for me the biggest mystery of the Quran lies within the surats 42 and 50, the only surats which are Q-initialed, and which contain both 57 Q's, although surat 42 is twice longer than 50.
    The guy who found that tried to build a whole system involving all the initialed surats (that are still an enigma for searchers) :
    When I heard about this 12 years ago, I learnt enough Arabic to check it up, and found the whole system asked many dubious tricks, yet what happens in surats 42-50 remains quite impressive, knowing that Q is the initial of Quran, that there are 57+57 surats in the Quran, that surat 50 begins with 'Q. By the noble Quran', 'noble' being majid, gematria 57.

    Of course I calculated the gematria of the 216 letters, 9143, in which it's hard to see anything.
    Then I thought there was another set of 3 consecutive verses with same numbers of letters, the 3 Commandments in 6 letters, Exodus 20:13-15. Their gematria is 1777.
    9143 + 1777 = 10920
    I already knew 5460, the half of it.
    Recently I exchanged some mails with Steve Coneglan, and discovered his fabulous "Wilderness Settlement", in which he sees the names of the 12 profane camps + the 4 Levite camps = 74 x 74, with many overwhelming features:
    He had to use 2 special spellings (for Benjamin and Aaron) to get these results. I did about the same calculations when I studied the Bible 20 years ago, but I used the spellings that appear in the section (Numbers 2-3) and obtained
    1770 for the 4 Levites
    3690 for the 12 tribes
    5460 for the whole, interesting numbers as it's 4 x 1365, a number appearing in this section Numbers 2-3 as the 1365 shekels paid to redeem the 273 firstborn sons of the 12 tribes exceeding the 22,000 Levites (Numbers 3:40-51).
    It might be worth noting that 273 is the gematria of 'arba, "four", in this section where four is the word.
    1770 is the Triangle of 59, I cannot see how it could be meaningful, but 5460 Triangle of 104 is more immediate, with 104 = 4 x 26.
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