Comforter, Spirit of Truth, Teacher..

Multiple names: Jesus is the Lamb of God and Son of God, as well as the personification and exemplification of Truth, Life, the Word, the Seed, etc., so Samuel is the personification and representation of the Holy Ghost. It's an Old Testament representation of a New Testament reality! In the notable 'Witch of Endor' case, it is Samuel who becomes "ghostlike" by being called up from the dead; making the case for this other name for the Holy Spirit.

Samuel means "asked of God", and he had to be WEANED before assuming priestly duties. ASK is an English acrostic, LK 11:9 -- have you asked for the HG or baptism of the tongue, or did you assume it was automatic after Rom 10:9,10 ??

Samuel "wrote a book about the kingdom" -- like holy men of God spoke as they were moved by the HG..

Other details about Sam compare to the Holy Ghost. Have you noticed?