Of all the interesting gematria-related numbers out there, I'm surprised nobody noticed 954. The following phrases all = 954. The list is pretty long, and it gets almost cartoonish towards the end, so I'm putting the more important ones at the top:

Jesus incarnate
Christ, the Lord
Jesusís twin
Jesus's figure
Jesus H. Christ
Church of Christ
Y'shua incarnate
The King of Israel

Gospel incarnate
The Words of God
New Testament
Holy letters

Jesus's wedding
Jesus's woman
Jesus's sugar
Jesus's type
Jesus's Romeo
Jesus's blessed
Jesus's canons
Jesus's family
Jesus's curse
Jesus's empire

Like I said, it gets silly:

Jesus's wee wee
Jesus's debit card
Jesus's shoes

Another interesting thing about this number is that when you convert it to binary, it seems to be related to two other big numbers, 1110 and 906

In binary form, 954 = 1110111010 (ie, 1110111010)

Compare this to 906 converted to binary:

954 in binary is 1110111010
906 in binary is 1110001010

Here is a brief list of phrases that = 1110. Note the similarities to the prior list.

Jesus, God incarnate
Christ, the Lord God
Jesus, God's twin
Y'shua, God incarnate
The King of the Jews

Godís Testimony
Holy Book of the Lamb
Gospel of Matthew
The Gospel of Mary
The Book of Mormon
Book of Revelation

Jesusís partner
Sister of Jesus
Jesus's grandson
Jesus's pit bull
Jesus's rhythm
The City of Jesus
The blood of Jesus

Lord and King of Heaven
Emperor of Jesus

And 906:

Jesus Christ
the Lord Jehovah
Lord of Hosts
Mighty Jehovah
Son of the Lord
Friend of Jesus
Holy Spirit
Jesus and Father
Lord of Hosts
Feast of Booths
Jesus's thing
Jesus is alive

The list for all three numbers is a lot longer - hundreds of phrases that are either synonyms for Jesus/God or Jesus's family or things belonging to Jesus or the Bible - but it almost defeats the purpose listing them all, because it becomes overwhelming, and I think that creates some kind of inclination to just ignore the whole thing. Anyway it's easy to google 1110 or 906 and find a bunch more. But I've never seen anyone mention 954. (Watch, knowing me somebody will probably point out a zillion posts about it on this very website that I failed to notice )