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    Harold Camping was right

    My friends

    has anyone ever considered that Harold Camping was right, the messiah is back and like nobody listened to Harold, nobody listened to the messiah either? remember Jesus was humble, he didnt want a fuss, he wanted everyones attention to be focused on God and not himself, he will do the same the second time and remember it was the religious know it alls who rejected him because they had their own beliefs and were not willing to learn. Jesus just has to return to earth and judge he doesnt need to proove he is back.

    I refer you all to these links to prove Harold Camping was right may the holy spirit guide you

    and remember Jesus will come with new teachings that will shock everyone and he is entitled to be heard and for his evidence to be read before he is judged......again may the holy spirit guide you a fair trial means all the evidence should be read its what you would expect......
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