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Thread: Romans 13

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    I did not say that I didn't wish to discuss it. I simply don't wish to spin my wheels on the same point over and over and over again.

    No human governing authorities? Then what is the purpose for the taxes? Verses 6&7.

    I like to stay within the text as much as possible. Bringing in other Scriptures can lead to twisting the Scriptures to come up with a desired conclusion, as those who believe in Covenant Creation do.

    As we have a commonality in that we both believe in fulfilled prophecy. I, however, do not believe that God has ended His ministrations on earth. I believe that God is very much involved with the affairs of mankind. And one of the ways God carries out His ministrations is through governing authorities. And that is what Romans 13 is about.

    The Greek word, "huperecho," means "to be above." The literal translation for "higher powers," according to Vincent is, "authorities that have themselves over." That seems like a ranking system to me. such as the court system in the United States. There are a plethora of lower courts, but only one Supreme Court, who is the "supreme authority or power" in legal matters. There are supreme authorities that govern over others in this world. And that is what Romans 13.1-7 is referring to. If not, then again, why the referrence to paying taxes?

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