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Thread: What is UFO?

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    'Be careful who you entertain as you may be entertaining one of my angels unawares'.

    'I will give the angels charge over you...'

    Clearly these verse are saying that there are angels amongst the people on earth. The verse you refer to'shine LIKE the firmament..' the word there is 'like'. Again in the next verse...

    '25 When the dead rise, they will neither marry nor be given in marriage; they will be LIKE the angels in heaven'.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sharon View Post
    But that video is just a bunch of words. Where is the actual evidence?
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    Originally Posted by Sharon
    Just something...

    IMHO, the war in the heavens has not ended and the humanoids, hybrids, are the result of the Fallen Angels, that they are not benevolent.

    Have you or anyone read the book by William Cooper?

    LPJ, Neah

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