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    I am writing this off site since your posts are so long, it is hard to follow them and reply at the same time. And I am a bit mift about all of it. This was not designed to be a religious thread. It started as a political thread asking, "Would you vote for me?" Of course, it's a moot point as I have decided not to run for President. A political thread in the midst of UFOs and conspiracy theories. So, in either case - IT IS NOT A RELIGIOUS THREAD!

    Now to the topic you have replaced the topic of the OP with.

    1. I agree with you about the KJV. It is likely that Prince James ordered to the translators to protect the ecclesiastical heriarchy of the Church of England, hence the mistranslation of pascha in Acts 12.4.

    2. It is good to have Bible study helps in order define words if needed. But, theologians down through history have often twisted Scripture to fit their theological dogma, causing division resulting in hundreds, and perhaps thousands, of denominations. The resulting religion bears little resemblance to the Christianity founded on the foundation of Christ and the Apostles.

    3. The words "power," and "authority" are often used interchangeably in literary works.

    That is all I can respond to at this time, as much of your responses are full of theological concepts I have little or no knowledge about.

    It is my goal to stay with in the point of the OP when I make responses to the threads of others. I would appreciate if you give me the same courtesy.

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    Justice at the expense of the truth is not justice at all.

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