The time frame of all unfulfilled visionary prophecy is still future. All fulfilled prophecy has been fulfilled through the end of the 69th week of the 70 weeks of years decreed for national Israel. A week of years is the Jewish 'heptad'. Each year represents 360 literal prophetic days. This calculates to a 7 year period of time or 2,520 days. The 69 weeks of years represent a time period of 173,880 prophetic days or 483 years:

This time frame began at the decree to return and build the city Jerusalem from the Babylonian captivity [under Persian rule] in 445 B.C. 483 prophetic years lapsed in about 33 A.D. and the Lord was then cut off at His first coming. There is one 'heptad' (one 7 year period) remaining for the completion of the decreed amount of total time of 490 years and this 7 year period is still future. [Daniel 9; 12]

It is significant that the nation of unbelieving Israel is existing as an independent political entity in the land of Israel today after many centuries of domination by the Gentiles and exile from their land. They are there to experience the coming 70th week decreed for the nation which is still pending.

Israel's continuous intransigence against the Lord's providence and direction has resulted in the loss of His personal guidance and direction. Israel is still in this condition at the present time. His long term preservation of Israel's national identity is specifically for His ultimate plans and purposes ..... not Israel's self-generated nationalism. [Jeremiah 30; Ezekiel 36; 37; 38; 39]

The years following the reign of Israel's prominent kings David and his son Solomon included political division of the nation and subsequent invasion and assimilation of ten of the tribes of Israel by the Assyrians. Successive dominance of the remainder of the nation followed by the three empires of neo-Babylon, Persia, and Grecia.

The neo-Babylonians conquered what was left of the remnant, took many captives, and relocated the population. It was under the rule of the next empire, Persia, that a remnant of Israel was allowed to return to the land of Israel [445 B.C.]. This began the count down of the 70 weeks of years [490 literal prophetic years]. 483 years have lapsed with one 7 year period yet to be experienced by Israel after their second return from the nations of the Gentiles to the land of Israel. [Daniel 9:24-27]

If the death of Jesus occurred around 33 A.D. then the following calculation can be made. The time lapse would be 444 calendar years to the first century from 445 B.C. plus 33 additional years to equal 477 years. The conversion factor for 360 day prophetic years can be calculated by dividing 365 by 360 which is 1.0138. Prophetic years are shorter so there are more of them included in the time frame of 477 calendar years.

There are 483.5826 [477 x 1.0138] prophetic years in the time frame. If one adjusts this result by leap year days, the final calculation is very close to 483 years [69 weeks of years]. Daniel's vision of the time frame allows for this amount of time to lapse after which the Messiah Prince would be cut off and have nothing.

The last segment of 7 years [1 week of years] is still yet future and requires Israel's return in part to the Land of Israel from the nations. This final 7 years will include future prophetic events leading up to the visible return of Israel's Messiah who is Jesus Christ.

The covenant of 70 weeks of years is described in the 9th chapter of Daniel. The Lord will confirm this covenant by executing the last 7 years including the 6 objectives that will be met for national Israel at the time of the end which is still pending. These objectives must be met for national Israel at that time since most of the nation has been and is in the state of unbelief. Some will turn and accept their Messiah and King, Jesus Christ.

This period will be exactly 2,520 prophetic days long and there will be another 30 days and 45 days added. The Lord will turn on satan's beast and his kingdom of followers and destroy it during the 30 day period ending with the battle of Armageddon. The Lord will then appear to the world and gather all of the mortal survivors of the tribulations of the 70th week and separate them for entrance into His kingdom during the next 45 days.

Satan and his fallen angelics are coming to the earth at the beginning of the 70th week and it will take the first 1,260 days for him to develop his kingdom in the Middle East including the invasion and occupation of Israel, Jerusalem, and the temple mount. He will also gain a large human following and these will worship him as a god. He will then rule over the Middle East for the next 1,260 days [42 months]. The Lord will then force him and his human followers to Armageddon and destroy his kingdom within the next 30 days.

There is nothing of earthly events recorded in the scope of visionary prophecy between the end of the 69th week and the beginning of the 70th. The end time frames of the O.T. visions of the prophets, the Lordís discourse in Matthew 24, Mark 13, Luke 21, and Revelation beginning in chapter 4 are all about the 70th week which is still pending.

The Lordís discourse in Matthew 24, Mark 13, and Luke 21 concerning the time of the end is all focused upon the generation of national Israel that will be living during the 70th week. No known events on the earth are included in the time lapse between the end of the 69th week [about 33 A.D.] and the beginning of the future 70th week. There have been many attempts to insert them, but they are not there. All of the time lapse of last 2,000+ years up to this very day is not included in the visions.

For example, the Roman invasions of Israel in 70 A.D. are not presented in the scope of the visions. These events occurred long after the 69th week and were certainly not part of the 70th which is still pending. The people of the prince that shall come [satan's beast in the little horn, king of the northern Middle East] were not the Romans in the first century.

These will be the followers of the this king during the 70th week. The 6th king "position" that John sees, the king that "is", will be the little horn of Daniel's visions and not a Roman king in the first century. John sees the "things that shall be hereafter" .... the coming 70th week.

The Lord also addresses the mystery kingdom of the Church [composed of a few Israelites and many Gentiles] in the parables of Matthew 25. His focus is on His 'harpazo' action which will divide professing christianity into those that are ready .... and those that are not. The first [both dead and living together] will be immortalized and the balance will remain to experience the tribulations of 70th week.

Some of national Israel and of the nations will repent and turn to the Lord during His hour of trial and judgment, but most will not. Many of these who turn will be martyed for their faith and a few will survive the period. The development of this mystery kingdom [the church] was revealed at Pentecost and will be completed when the fullness of the Gentiles are added. [Romans 11:25]

The precept of the time frame of the 70 weeks of years decreed for national Israel must be applied to all unfilled prophecy written in scripture for correct and accurate exegesis of the prophetic scriptures. All of the content of future events can be identified and these will fit exactly into this time frame.

Most traditional interpretations do not incorporate this method of exegesis and all of them have difficulties that require some level of apologetics, selective allegory, contextual extraction, misapplication of scriptures, and elimination of the same. I would suggest the student of Bible prophecy test the precept of the 70 weeks decreed against all known scriptural passages related to visionary prophecy. I will be glad to assist any one with reconciliations related to the pre-conceptions of other views.