I thought I should write this. If you have your own techniques in finding links add them on!

The methods I thought of searching are as follows.

1. Search the footnotes of a given text in the bible. You'll find many footnotes that might not even have a biblewheel link. But the ones that do I underline the words in common in a specific colored pencil to indicate if it's linked to the book, chapter, verse or a number mentioned within the text and write the passage on the side of the underlined text.

2. Search the text for any alphabetical word that is found in the book, chapter, verse or number in the text. The word camel for example would appear in Matthew 3 since the 3rd letter Gimel means Camel.

3. Search the alphabetical verses in Psalms, Lamentations and other places to learn the patterns.

4. Search for the words in the beginning of the books. Such as shmoth means the names and begins in the book of Exodus. Name is a Spoke 2 word.

5. Search for words that are maximized in a chapter. Flesh a Qof word, 19th letter, is maximized in Revelation 19. Righteous a Tzaddei word, 18th letter, is maximized in Genesis 18.