2011 Rainbow Gathering in Washington State

The Rainbow Gathering was absolutely wonderful. I spent six days with 20,000 happy hippies in one of the most beautiful natural settings imaginable. It rained a lot up till the day I arrived (June 30) and then was sunny and warm every day, though the nights were very cold. There was still a lot of snow on the road when I arrived:

Snow on road

I made my camp near the D.R.E.E.M. Reality kitchen. The vibe was very high. Here’s a pic of the meadow by the camp: Read More »

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Heading out for the Rainbow Gathering

The Rainbow Gathering is in my home state of Washington this year. Up high in the deep green pine forests on the “wet side” of the Cascade mountains. It should be about as good as it gets. I’ll be away from all computers and electronic communication devices for five or six days, so if you leave any comments here on my blog, they will have to wait to approved when I get back.

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The Bible Wheel as a Cosmic Mandala of Archetypal Wholeness

The mandala is an archetypal image whose occurrence is attested throughout the ages. It signifies the wholeness of the Self. This circular image represents the wholeness of the psychic ground or, to put it in mythic terms, the divinity incarnate in man.” – Carl Jung, Memories, Dreams and Reflections Pgs 334-335

“The “squaring of the circle” is one of the many archetypal motifs which form the basic patterns of our dreams and fantasies. But it is distinguished by the fact that it is one of the most important of them from the functional point of view. Indeed, it could even be called the archetype of wholeness.” – Carl Jung, Collected Works 9i Par. 715

The evolution of consciousness is one of the most important and intriguing aspects of life. It is perhaps the purpose of life. It tracks with biological evolution, increasing with the complexity of the brain in various species. To many, this naturally suggests that it is “nothing but” a product of the physical brain, completely reducible to “matter.” But there are deep philosophical problems with that view, and it seems more likely to me that matter is a product of mind than the reverse. If we are to believe that our ultimate understanding of the world should be a philosophical monism in which there is only one ultimate explanatory “category” or “principle” (as opposed to a mind vs. matter dualism) then the monism of Idealism or Panpsychism which states that everything is ultimately a product of Mind (or God) has a much greater explanatory power than a materialistic monism. This is because “matter” can only be known through mental processes and so must be explained in mental terms (concepts, which could all be in the mind), whereas no one has yet been able to explain mental processes (like consciousness) in terms of matter only. But the true nature of consciousness remains a mystery; no one knows the precise relationship between mind and matter and we need not immerse ourselves in these deep waters for this introduction to the cosmic significance of the Bible Wheel. For our current purposes, I will be following the definitions used by Richard Maurice Bucke in his classic Cosmic Consciousness: A Study in the Evolution of the Human Mind.  He defines three kinds of consciousness:

  1. Simple Consciousness is basic animal consciousness by which dogs or horses are just as conscious of the things about them as humans are.
  2. Self Consciousness is the ability to be aware of oneself as a distinct entity apart from the rest of the universe.
  3. Cosmic Consciousness is as far above Self Consciousness as is that above Simple Consciousness. It is a consciousness of the cosmos, that is, of the life and order of the universe and the interconnectedness and unity of all things.

The Wikipedia article on cosmic consciousness begins with this broad definition: Read More »

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Who Designed the Bible Wheel?

The Bible WheelWhen I first discovered the Bible Wheel in 1995, I soon became convinced that it was designed by “God.” My conception of God at that time was pretty much in line with with the “Guy-in-the-sky” style God of traditional Christian theism. I have since come to realize that I do not, indeed cannot, believe in that kind of God at all. I now identify myself as a “non-theist” and “non-Christian.” But this led to a big problem. All the evidence for the seemingly supernatural design of the Bible Wheel remains valid. Despite all the changes in my understanding of God and Christianity, none of the basic conclusions about the Bible Wheel have changed. So how do I explain its existence? How am I to understand how it came to be? After two years of seriously thinking about this, I think I am starting to get a basic understanding.

I’m beginning to understand that the Bible Wheel is something like a “collective dream image” produced by our collective cosmic consciousness. The universe as a whole is like a dream in the “Mind of God” of which we are all parts. There is no “agent” who “designs” things consciously any more than you or I “design” our dreams. They are a natural product of our minds, and so is all reality the natural product of the Collective Cosmic Mind. This strongly coheres with the insights of psychologist Carl Jung, especially in light of his observation that many patients draw circular mandalas with crosses in them when they reach psychic unity. This is an extremely exciting possibility since we could be witnessing the birth of the Cosmic Religion that will unite all humanity. The Bible Wheel looks like a Divine Dream Mandala representing the unity of all religions manifested by our unified Collective Cosmic Consciousness. I’m just beginning to understand this. It seems to be the best solution since the concept of a “personal God” that “intervenes” in the world (a “Zeus-style god”) seems impossible to me for many reasons which I will be explaining in future posts.

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Christians Praise Harold Camping for doing “God’s Work”

Rapture sign

There’s a lot of praise over on FiveDoves.com for the “great work” that Harold Camping did for the Lord by popularizing belief in the rapture and the end of the world. Here are some samples. I begin with this post by Fay on May 23 [source]: Read More »

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The Overwhelming Power of Blind Belief and Religious Delusion

Benny’s Blog reports:

“Judgment Day on May 21 did come”, said Camping. However, he clarified that the Judgment Day arrived in a spiritual sense rather than manifesting physically.

It is my opinion that this elevates Harold Camping to be the new paragon of religious delusion (as if we didn’t have enough exemplars already). I have yet to hear of any “former followers” who quit because of his failed May 21 prediction. I think this sheds an extremely powerful light on the power of religious and/or ideological delusion. Nothing, ABSOLUTELY NOTHING is counted as “evidence” if it contradicts preexisting beliefs.

This is why the world is filled with false religions, like Scientology, Mormonism, Islam, Hinduism, Roman Catholicism, and every form of Protestant Christianity. This is why all dogmatic religions should be rejected out of hand. Non-dogmatic religions and religious philosophy are just fine because they do not destroy the minds of the followers. Dogmatic religion is a mind-killer and should be rejected by all.

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Law Group Suing Harold Camping and Family Radio!

Propagate this linkhttp://www.familyradioclaims.com/aboutus.html – so the victims of Harold Camping will have a better chance of finding it.

It is for a law group that hopes to “send a very strong message to Camping, et al. that actions have consequences; and that they cannot broadcast false and misleading information all across the globe, do everything they possibly can to convince innocent people to rely and act upon that information, and then simply walk away as though nothing ever happened.”

I say MORE POWER TO THEM! It’s time for Harold Camping and Family Radio to be brought to justice.

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My Prediction for Harold Camping and Family Radio after May 21

IJudgment Day May 21 Billboard‘ve read a lot of speculation about what will happen to Harold Camping and his Family Radio empire (with 150 stations, worth over $100 million). Most folks think he and his servants will just regroup, recalculate, and come up with a new date. This is exactly what happened after he falsely predicted the rapture would happen in 1994. But he had an “out” back then. He told his audience he was only 99.9% certain, and that it was possible he could be wrong even though he “believed it with all his heart.” But he had an out, and though stinging from embarrassment, he managed to regroup and regain much of his audience after his failed prediction.But I find that scenario to be simply impossible now because he has been adamantly declaring in countless soundbites for over two years that is is IMPOSSIBLE for him to be wrong because the “BIBLE GUARANTEES IT WILL HAPPEN.” He has said that “Judgment Day May 21 is the Word of God.” He has left himself no way out. None. Zilch. Nada.

So what will happen? Well, let’s follow the money. According to this article on CNN Money, Family Radio Inc brought in 80 MILLION DOLLARS between 2005 – 2009. That’s some “real money.” The article also quotes the Family Radio receptionist as estimating that “about 80% of her coworkers don’t even agree with Camping’s May 21 forecast.”

So here’s my prediction: Family Radio will throw Harold Camping under the bus and distance themselves from him entirely, and then restructure themselves to look like the ultra-conservative Calvinist broadcasting organization that appealed to their very generous (and woefully gullible) original audience. They will basically re-brand themselves as Family Radio with no reference anywhere to Harold The Dingbat Camping. And the Dingbat will almost certainly go along with the plan since he is an exhausted octogenarian who probably would rather have needles stuck in his eyes than to have to spend hour after hour answering for his outrageously arrogant and ludicrous false predictions.

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What a day! Rode from Yakima to White Pass with my friend Preston

I often go for a nice 33 mile bicycle ride around Yakima, stopping at Starbucks to rest, read, and visit with friends before the final eight mile stretch home. I usually do the loop four or five times a week so I’m in pretty good shape. But I wasn’t sure I was ready for the trip Preston (a 19 years old who rode over 5000 miles in the last year) suggested when he invited me to ride with him from Yakima to White Pass. “How far do you think it would be?” I asked. “About a hundred miles, round trip” he said.

“How many feet in elevation?”

“About 4500 feet.”

“That’s almost a mile you know. And I’m 51 years old!”

“You’ll do fine. Do you want to go?”

I hesitantly told him I’d like to go, but wasn’t sure I could make it to the top. He said that would be fine, we could stop when we got to Rimrock lake and return if necessary. So we planned to meet at his house at 7:00 AM Saturday May 14, 2011. I was a little concerned about the weather because there was lots of rain in the forecast. But as it turned out, the day was cool and overcast which was perfect for seven hour climb to the mountain pass. If it had been much warmer I would have had a much more difficult time. Despite drinking about gallon of water, I lost four pounds in fat and perspiration during the trip. Most of which came back (unfortunately) after I rehydrated.

When Rose dropped me off at Preston’s house, I was happy to see my other old friend Jim Milton. He rode with us for about 20 miles before he felt he should return. He’s sixty-six years old and hasn’t been doing much riding lately, so he wasn’t prepared for a long climb, but he did just fine when he was with us.


Me, Preston Wade, and Jim Milton

Read More »

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The Lost World of Genesis 1 by John Walton

In this book John Walton presents the reader with a compelling exegesis of Genesis 1, focusing on Gods creation of the function and order of the cosmos, rather than the typical account of its seven-day material creation. John delves into the world-view and mindset of the different civilizations of that ancient time period and shows how the author of Genesis would have presented its cosmological story with that “first” audience in mind.

Genesis 1 sets the stage for presenting the function and inauguration of a cosmic temple in which God would dwell, which in turn leads to man being made in his image (and ultimately to being called living temples), and how the seven day pattern of Genesis 1 naturally lends itself to the order and function of what was to become the Jewish temple system.

In taking this approach to interpreting the ancient cosmology of the creation story, the serious Bible student is not obliged to reject scientific evidence of biological evolution or the geological age of the earth to fit a theological paradigm of a material, literal seven-day creation account, because that was never the intent of its author. Instead the Lost World of Genesis 1 works in a realist way with the cosmic ontology of the text, allowing its natural structure of function to build its purpose.

This book has proved to be a very interesting read, written in a flowing, and fluent style that draws the reader into a new understanding of how the mind of ancient man may have viewed the cosmos of Genesis 1. Be prepared to let go of long held traditional interpretations in light of new information regarding the meaning of the text of Scripture.

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