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Religion and Greed Lead to Murder of Pakistani Family

Being a Christian in Pakistan sounds a lot like being a Jew in medieval Europe under the rule of the Roman Catholic Church. Just as the Jews would often have their property, liberties, and even lives taken with no legal redress, so it is for Christians in twenty-first century Pakistan under Islamic rule. It looks […]

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Pastor Terry Jones: Neither Wise nor Harmless

Behold, I send you forth as sheep in the midst of wolves: be ye therefore wise as serpents, and harmless as doves. — Matthew 10:16 Terry Jones, the sick and twisted pastor of the singularly misnamed Dove World Outreach Center is using his clout as a doomsday cult leader to reach out and drag the […]

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Blood-drinking Jew-hating Brainwashed Islamist Terrorist

If this murderous madman were threatening your family, how would you respond? I know Israel has committed crimes against the Palestinians and I strongly speak out against those crimes.  But those crimes pale in comparison with the black evil hearts of these murderous madmen threatening their very existence. These insane death cultists are the real […]

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Violence and Islam

While I have argued strongly against false representations of Islam as a “religion of violence” I believe it is very important to look at the reasons folks have come to that conclusion. I started this thread on my forum to discuss this very disturbing aspect of Islamic culture. This article is an example of violence […]

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“Muslim Terrorist” is an Oxymoron

There is a very popular teaching amongst the anti-Islamic polemicists that the radical Islamist terrorists are “true Muslims” who are “just going back to the violent roots of Islam as taught by it’s founder.” For example, here is how it was stated in a recent post on my forum: Since in Islam Mohammad is the […]

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Arab News says “Derision of West Misguided”

This is an extremely interesting article written by a Saudi author: US more in alignment with Islamic values than many Muslim states: Al-Qarni ALKHOBAR: A popular Saudi author and religious scholar has raised some questions about governmental and societal practices across the Arab world and asserts that the United States is more in alignment with […]

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NO to Political Islam (Sign the Petition)

From the site NO to Political Islam: NO to Political Islam, YES to Human Rights We, the undersigned, oppose Political Islam, its agenda of hatred and oppression, and its imposition of the most barbaric interpretation of Sharia law. We seek a future in which all people, men and women, Muslims and non-Muslims, enjoy the benefits […]

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Review of “THE ISLAMIST” by Ed Husain

Get informed! Read this book! “THE ISLAMIST” should be read by anyone and everyone concerned about Islam and terrorism, especially those who think there is some sort of intrinsic connection between the two. Born in London to Indian immigrants, Husain was raised in a community of devoted, compassionate, and deeply spiritual Muslims with a profound […]

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“Who Speaks For Islam?: What a Billion Muslims Really Think”

WHO SPEAKS FOR ISLAM is an easy to read report on the largest study of Islamic beliefs ever conducted – over 50,000 hours of interviews with Muslims by Gallop. The results are analyzed by two highly respected experts in the field, John Esposito Ph. D. (Professor of Islamic Studies, Georgetown University) and Dalia Mogahed (Senior […]

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Beware of the Halali-Khan version of the Qur’an

While comparing various English translations of the Qur’an I stumbled upon a version that was different than any other, and extremely disturbing. After a little research, I found this description of “The Noble Qur’an in English Translation by Halali and Khan” from Wikipedia: The Hilali-Khan translation has been criticised by several prominent Western Muslims. Khaleel […]

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