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Conversation with James about God, the Big Bang, and the Foundation of Science (Part 2)

This is a continuation of the long conversation with with Christian creationist James McKenzie. I am answering his post found in the previous thread here. James begins: It seems that we are near reaching an impasse on our “science/ foundations/ philosophical/ beginning of the world argument. You seem bent to tell me that a mathematical […]

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Flipping Fundamentalism Off

Is there such a thing as a “former fundamentalist” or do fundamentalists simply switch sides? Is fundamentalism more about the psychology of belief than its content? Can the “fundamentalism bit” be flipped off? Former Conservatives become radical Liberals. Former alcoholics become strict teetotalers who oppose all drinking. Have I fallen into that trap? I don’t […]

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Debunking Dan Gleason, the “Jesus is a Circle” guy

The early Christian Sacred Geometers called a circle with a circumference of 888 units “the living Jesus” because the diameter of his circle is 282 units, which is the gematria value of the Greek word bios (BioV), meaning “earthly life.” ~ Daniel Gleason, The quote above typifies the raving lunacy Daniel Gleason publishes on his […]

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