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Conversation with James about God, the Big Bang, and the Foundation of Science (Part 2)

This is a continuation of the long conversation with with Christian creationist James McKenzie. I am answering his post found in the previous thread here. James begins: It seems that we are near reaching an impasse on our “science/ foundations/ philosophical/ beginning of the world argument. You seem bent to tell me that a mathematical […]

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Is Equality Anti-Biblical?

I received this very strange response to my article Context Rules: The Inextricable Sexism of the Bible Confirmed by someone using the handle “primitive futurist”. He began by dismissing equality as “over-rated”: Big deal. Equality is so over-rated. Bible has it right, moderns have it wrong. Get over it. I responded: Actually, it is a very […]

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Flipping Fundamentalism Off

Is there such a thing as a “former fundamentalist” or do fundamentalists simply switch sides? Is fundamentalism more about the psychology of belief than its content? Can the “fundamentalism bit” be flipped off? Former Conservatives become radical Liberals. Former alcoholics become strict teetotalers who oppose all drinking. Have I fallen into that trap? I don’t […]

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Is there Evidence for God? Conversations with Wesley Steinbrink

The comment stream under my article Debunking Myself: What A Long Strange Trip Its Been diverged to the question of “evidence for God” presented by Wesley Steinbrink so I moved his comments to this new thread (link) and will be answering here. Where is the evidence for God? There is evidence in creation… Kinesin – found […]

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On the Couch with Psychoanalyst Terry Blanchard

Terry Blanchard is a long time reader who had a lot to say about my previous article Is God Trustworthy? The Root of Religious Delusion. His comments involve a lot of “psychoanalysis” of my motives, so I cast him in the role of a doctor. The Doctor Begins: Am I just an impatient petulant child? […]

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Is God Trustworthy? The Root of Religious Delusion

Religion was invented when the first con man met the first fool. ~ Mark Twain Someone who is trustworthy in a small matter is also trustworthy in large ones, and someone who is dishonest in a small matter is also dishonest in large ones. ~ Luke 16:10 Christianity is founded upon the idea that God is […]

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The Problem with Religion: It aggravates pre-existing intellectual and moral failings

It’s fascinating to be a former Christian with a blog that records my transition from believer to freethinker. I get a constant stream of comments that reveal how dogmatic religions tend to corrupt the minds and morals of believers. Such messages consistently confirm the validity of my choice to quit Christianity. I recently received a […]

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It’s May 21 – The Harold Camping Delusional Doomsday Memorial Day

It’s been two years since Harold Camping had his judgement day. He had spent years proclaiming that “the Bible guaranteed” that the Rapture would happen on May 21, 2011, to be followed by five months of terror on earth known as the “Great Tribulation” before the final destruction of the entire universe. He declared his […]

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Answers for Amber on Why I Quit Christianity

Amber asked these questions in the comment stream under my post Explaining Myself where I had answered some questions relating to my Why I Quit Christianity. Hi Mr. Richard, First I just want to say thank you so much for the great work of the bible wheel and site, I’m hoping I’ll be able to buy […]

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