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Since when do “Peace Activists” sing of SLAUGHTERING JEWS???

Much of the world is in an “uproar” because suicidal political activists successfully provoked Israeli soldiers to defend themselves with deadly force. There are many videos exposing their lies and deceptions. The so-called “peace activists” were singing songs about slaughtering Jews! One woman openly declared that martyrdom would be a “happy outcome” and three of […]

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Free Will Baptists Hide Evidence of Caner’s Lies

Soon after Ergun Caner’s fraudulent history became public, ostensibly “Christian” ministries began trying to hide the evidence. The first “ministry” I found doing this was Living With Joy Radio which quietly removed three incriminating Caner audio files (formerly known as “sermons” by a “man of God”). The Ohio Free Will Baptists have now done the […]

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