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A Critique of the Bible Wheel Book – by the Author! Part 2

The first part of this series may be found here. Part I, Chapter 2 of the Bible Wheel book is available in html format for viewing in your browser here. Critique of Part I, Chapter 2 of the Bible Wheel Book: The second chapter is called The Canon Wheel. It begins with an explanation that […]

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A Critique of the Bible Wheel Book – by the Author! Part 1

Why would I want to critique my own book? The answer is quite simple. As explained in my last post, Why I quit Christianity, I have recently completed the huge transition from being a “born-again Bible-believing Christian” to being an agnostic without any specific religious beliefs. The process took about 18 months. It began in […]

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The Lost World of Genesis 1 by John Walton

In this book John Walton presents the reader with a compelling exegesis of Genesis 1, focusing on Gods creation of the function and order of the cosmos, rather than the typical account of its seven-day material creation. John delves into the world-view and mindset of the different civilizations of that ancient time period and shows […]

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I’m not an atheist, BUT … Dawkin’s “God Delusion” is brilliant!

The title of this post is a play on Richard Dawkin’s article called I’m an atheist, BUT … which he incorporated into the preface to the paperback edition of The God Delusion. The article expresses his frustration with atheists who agree with his arguments but continue to support religion as a “helpful delusion” or some […]

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Review of “Hardball Religion” by Wade Burleson

When they attempted to silence Wade Burleson they only amplified his voice because he is a man of integrity who saw “no valid reason to remain silent when fellow Southern Baptists are being destroyed by a political machine hiding behind a mask of spirituality.” Wade Burleson began his blog Grace and Truth to You in […]

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Review of “THE ISLAMIST” by Ed Husain

Get informed! Read this book! “THE ISLAMIST” should be read by anyone and everyone concerned about Islam and terrorism, especially those who think there is some sort of intrinsic connection between the two. Born in London to Indian immigrants, Husain was raised in a community of devoted, compassionate, and deeply spiritual Muslims with a profound […]

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“Who Speaks For Islam?: What a Billion Muslims Really Think”

WHO SPEAKS FOR ISLAM is an easy to read report on the largest study of Islamic beliefs ever conducted – over 50,000 hours of interviews with Muslims by Gallop. The results are analyzed by two highly respected experts in the field, John Esposito Ph. D. (Professor of Islamic Studies, Georgetown University) and Dalia Mogahed (Senior […]

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Review in the Yakima Herald-Republic

The Yakima Herald-Republic is the largest newspaper serving Yakima County in Washington State. It has a circulation of 28,104 (weekdays) and 40,018 (Sundays). The reporter Adriana Janovich, who interviewed me only once for about an hour, did an excellent job. She fully captured the surprising simplicity and amazing grace of the divine design of the […]

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Review in the Yakima Valley Business Times

This review was written by Carrie Snider and published in The Yakima Valley Business Times Vol. IX, Issue 23. It is reproduced here with permission. Click the image for a view large enough to read.

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