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“The Making of the Fittest” by Sean Carroll – Must Read!

“The Making of the Fittest” is one of the best introductions to evolutionary science, especially for those who have any doubts about its validity. It is lucid, easy to read, and packed with amazing and convincing facts. The subtitle says it all: “DNA and the Forensic Record of Evolution.” The same kind of evidence that […]

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Religion and Greed Lead to Murder of Pakistani Family

Being a Christian in Pakistan sounds a lot like being a Jew in medieval Europe under the rule of the Roman Catholic Church. Just as the Jews would often have their property, liberties, and even lives taken with no legal redress, so it is for Christians in twenty-first century Pakistan under Islamic rule. It looks […]

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I’m not an atheist, BUT … Dawkin’s “God Delusion” is brilliant!

The title of this post is a play on Richard Dawkin’s article called I’m an atheist, BUT … which he incorporated into the preface to the paperback edition of The God Delusion. The article expresses his frustration with atheists who agree with his arguments but continue to support religion as a “helpful delusion” or some […]

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