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Random Road Trip Day 2 – A wonderful 26 mile bike ride

I slept well – with minor interruptions from the trucks coming and going all night. Had a good breakfast at Shari’s – they had a good idea: Egg Benedict is too much of a bother to slice the thick ham and English Muffin, so they just did a ham and egg scramble placed on top […]

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Random Road Trip Day 1 – Beautiful Columbia River Gorge

I began my random road trip. I brought my bike and my hiking shoes and I’ll be visiting towns throughout the Pacific Northwest in Washington, Oregon, and California for the next ten days. If you think there is a site or town I should not miss, please leave a comment or send me an email. […]

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A Christian University? Liberty is neither.

And this is the condemnation, that the light has come into the world, and men loved darkness rather than light, because their deeds were evil.  For everyone practicing evil hates the light and does not come to the light, lest his deeds should be exposed. — The Gospel of John 3:19-20 Truth and repentance are […]

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Sad Saga of the Continuing Caner Cover uP (Washington Post)

Sad Saga of the Continuing Caner Cover uP The Huffington Post has published an excellent synopsis of the Caner fiasco by Tom Breen. Of particular interest is his report that neither Caner nor any of his prominent supporters are willing to make any comment whatsoever, as seen by these quotes from his article: Lately, his […]

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Fundamentalist Canerite Peter Lumpkins has Lost His Mind

BREAKING NEWS! Fundamentalist Canerite Peter Lumpkins posts video showing that James White accurately pronounces the word “Qur’an!” Why would he do such a thing? It was in response to an analysis posted on White’s site in which he and a native speaker of Arabic expose Caner’s grotesquely ludicrous public presentation of RANK GIBBERISH as if […]

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Blood-drinking Jew-hating Brainwashed Islamist Terrorist

If this murderous madman were threatening your family, how would you respond? I know Israel has committed crimes against the Palestinians and I strongly speak out against those crimes.  But those crimes pale in comparison with the black evil hearts of these murderous madmen threatening their very existence. These insane death cultists are the real […]

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Review of “Hardball Religion” by Wade Burleson

When they attempted to silence Wade Burleson they only amplified his voice because he is a man of integrity who saw “no valid reason to remain silent when fellow Southern Baptists are being destroyed by a political machine hiding behind a mask of spirituality.” Wade Burleson began his blog Grace and Truth to You in […]

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Violence and Islam

While I have argued strongly against false representations of Islam as a “religion of violence” I believe it is very important to look at the reasons folks have come to that conclusion. I started this thread on my forum to discuss this very disturbing aspect of Islamic culture. This article is an example of violence […]

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Since when do “Peace Activists” sing of SLAUGHTERING JEWS???

Much of the world is in an “uproar” because suicidal political activists successfully provoked Israeli soldiers to defend themselves with deadly force. There are many videos exposing their lies and deceptions. The so-called “peace activists” were singing songs about slaughtering Jews! One woman openly declared that martyrdom would be a “happy outcome” and three of […]

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Thou Shalt Not BLOG – FBC Jax Watchdog

An excellent and timely read: Thou Shalt Not Blog. This weekend I re-read the resolution against blogging that the Georgia Baptist State Convention passed in November 2007. I’ve printed the Georgia resolution at the bottom of this post. At the time of it’s passage, the resolution got only scant mention in baptist news outlets (here […]

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